[Pocketmine-mp] how to upgrade to 0.14 [phar] [src]

These phar are all PocketMine 0.14. From all github.

php5 source download
Team development. Universal Client version join. support php5.
very fast. there are several bugs by a cause of weight saving.
and im clearslyteam!

php7 source download

Team development.only support php7. Genisys is fast and higher update frequency.
A common item can be used.
I can recommend you, but there are several bugs by a cause of weight saving.

php7 source download
Team development. only support php7.
some codes are taken from genisys,hmy2001's phar.
Many item can be used.
higher update frequency.

php7 source
Team development. only support php7.imagicalmine's fork?

php5 source
Personal development.few update.he dont see issue. and there aren't licence .


Team development. only support php7. few develpoper.
you can control server from https://ipocket.link/

from ipocket.php. There is "itx"
this is genisys developing team name.
so  codes are taken from genisys.



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